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In addition to the special care provided to animals when they travel as baggage or cargo, United's PetSafe® program offers a guaranteed, flight-specific service, based on the time of tender.

View PetSafe rates (PDF: 152 KB).

Please note, rates shown include the actual weight of the animal plus the weight of the crate (total weight) and do not include applicable surcharges such as a fuel surcharge.

  • United's booking, handling and acceptance procedures apply.
  • The tender time for the PetSafe program is generally two to three hours prior to flight departure.
  • All PetSafe animal shipments must be prepaid.

Additional details about the PetSafe program may be found within Traveling with Animals section, or you may contact the PetSafe Desk at 1-800-575-3335 or 1-832-235-1541.