Premier Access benefits

We continually strive to make your travel more convenient when flying on United and United Express®.

From check-in to baggage claim, we provide premium travel services for eligible customers and offer the following where available:

  • Premier Access® check-in: designated airport check-in lines
  • Premier Access security lane: exclusive security lanes
  • Premier Access priority boarding: among the first customers to board
  • Premier Access priority baggage handling: among the first bags to be delivered

Premier Access is available to the following customers:

Customers who are not included in one of the groups above may have the option to purchase Premier Access for a particular flight. A Premier Access purchase includes priority check-in, security lane access (where available) and boarding, but it does not include priority baggage handling.

* Complimentary Premier Access is determined by the Premier status of the traveler on the day of travel for all tickets, including award tickets. Customers traveling on the same reservation as someone who is eligible to receive complimentary Premier Access will also receive complimentary Premier Access.