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TSA Secure Flight account information

  • The information on your flight reservations must exactly match the government-issued ID that you present when traveling to comply with the TSA Secure Flight Program. In addition, the name on your MileagePlus account must exactly match the name on your reservations so we can make sure you receive mileage credit and other Premier® benefits.

  • You can request changes through the Personal Identification Change Request Form. For your security, significant name changes will require you to submit identification or verification documents. A simple name change, such as a spelling correction to your name, will not require verification.

    To make a simple name change, select “Profile & Preferences” then select “Personal Info”. You can edit your information in the “About Me” section.

  • You should enter your name exactly as it appears on the government-issued identification that you present when traveling.

  • If your name differs between your government-issued IDs, please contact the appropriate government agency to update your documentation.

  • Please make sure that the other details shown (such as gender and date of birth) are exactly the same. It is possible that at some point you entered and saved two or more identification options that are identical to each other. If you do have two options that are exactly the same, you may select either one as the "correct" option.

  • Please select the option below all the listed Traveler IDs, which states that none of the options exactly match your government-issued ID. This will bring up a form where you can enter the correct information.

  • It is possible that at some point you entered and saved another traveler's information as an alternate ID for yourself in your profile. This ID will be deleted from your profile when you select the correct identification option for yourself from those presented.

  • Please ensure that you reach out to anyone whose travel you manage, or whose information you have stored in your account, to make sure that the information you have stored matches their government-issued IDs.

  • Your existing reservations will still have the name that was used when booking, and you will still be able to check in. If you've updated your information, and the name on your reservation does not match the name on your MileagePlus account as of the time of travel, you may not receive miles for the itinerary. Please save your boarding documents, and check your mileage earning after your travel is complete. See our Requesting Mileage Credit page for mileage posting times and to request missing mileage if necessary.

General account information

  • We may use your telephone number to contact you in the event that the email address in your profile is inaccurate. We may also use this phone number to send SMS/text messages regarding your flight.

  • We require your gender and date of birth so that your profile is complete for the purposes of booking flights and traveling, based on TSA Secure Flight requirements. In addition to Male and Female, we now offer two non-binary options — Unspecified (X) and Undisclosed (U). The gender selected must match what appears on your government-issued identification.

  • If you have made a simple name change, such as a spelling correction to your name, it is not necessary to request a new card. If you are a Premier® member and have made a significant name change, such as changing your first or last name entirely, you may request an updated card. Any MileagePlus member may sign in to the United app to access a digital version of their card at any time.

  • Yes, visit Email Settings in your profile and then select Edit to change your email address in all categories that apply. Your primary United email address is the first email to appear in your saved email list and will be the email we will use to contact you about your account or reservations.

  • Yes, you can use a P.O. Box as your mailing address.

  • You can add or edit payment information under My Account. Simply select “Profile & Preferences” then select “Saved Forms of Payment”.

  • Under the Manage Profile section of My Account, select “Preferences & Settings” then select “Special Preferences & Accomodations”. There you’ll be able to store information such as home airport, meal choice and cabin preference for future use when you make reservations on This section also allows you to indicate if you need any special accommodations while traveling.

  • Completing the My Account profile allows you to arrange travel quickly and easily using your saved preferences.

  • As of February 11, 2016, we require that all MileagePlus accounts have a strong password. Once you update your account with a strong password and security questions, you’ll no longer be able to use a PIN to sign in.

    Here are some helpful links in case you have forgotten your MileagePlus number or password.

  • Your most recent mileage accumulation is listed at the top of the My Account page.

  • Your mileage can take up to 14 business days to credit to your account. After that time, you can Request MileagePlus Credit.

  • To request mileage credit for United-operated flights flown in the last six months, you can make a request online. To request mileage credit for airline, car, or hotel partners and non-travel partner activity, visit the MileagePlus Contact Information page.

  • You can get miles credited to your account for flights taken before becoming a MileagePlus member. But, whether or not your flight qualifies for this credit depends on when the flight was and the airline. You can have miles credit for any United or United Express flights taken up to 6 months before joining MileagePlus. You will not receive miles for flights on partner airlines, or United and United Express flights taken more than six months before your membership began.

  • Information on transferring miles from hotel, rail and credit card partners can be found on the Buy/Transfer Points or Miles page. Miles earned in the frequent flyer programs of other airlines cannot be transferred to your MileagePlus account. For information on how to use these miles, contact the partner airline.

  • To combine multiple accounts, please follow the instructions on our Merge MileagePlus Accounts page.

  • Yes, your credit card information is secured using advanced web technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect personal information as it travels across the internet. SSL is an industry-standard technology supported by Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, and other popular web browsers. We use SSL to completely encrypt your credit card data so that it cannot be read by anyone else.

  • We offer a number of subscription-based emails, including notification of fare sales, MileagePlus offers and closing stock prices. To unsubscribe, go to “Profile & Preferences” and select “Preferences & Settings”. There you’ll be able to choose “Marketing Communications” and make any changes to your subscriptions.