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Accessibility of United Express aircraft

Movable aisle armrests

ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. and Chautauqua Airlines, Inc. dba United Express® fleet consists of Embraer and Bombardier regional jet aircraft. The following chart shows the location of the movable aisle armrests along with the maximum seating capacity.

Moveable Aisle Armrest information
Fleet Type Maximum Seats Location of Movable Armrests
CRJ 200 50 Seats All aisle seats
EMB 145 50 Seats All rows, except Bulkhead 1A and 3BC

Cargo bins

Powered equipment will not be disassembled, including leaving the batteries attached, whenever the cart and/or wheelchair will fit upright through the aircraft bin door. If the size of the aircraft bin door prohibits this, airport personnel may ask you for instructions on how to disassemble your equipment. The following chart shows the maximum bin door width of our current fleet.

Maximum Cargo Bin Door Width
Fleet Type Bin Door Width (in.)
CRJ 200 43.0
EMB 145 39.4


United Express® aircraft do not have any wheelchair accessible lavatories nor onboard wheelchairs.