Senior travelers

We want to make sure people of all ages can enjoy traveling. So, we’ve gathered all our best tips, tricks and advice for traveling as a senior.

Planning your trip

Buying tickets

While we don’t offer senior discounts for all flights, we do for some. To find out if you can get a senior discount on your trip, select “Senior 65+” as the traveler when booking your tickets. All prices shown will include the discount if one is available.

Additional assistance

If you need additional assistance at the airport or on the plane, it’s best to let us know right away so we can prepare before you arrive. You can do this when entering your traveler information during booking on our website or app.


Check a wheelchair, scooter or walker at the gate for free, and order wheelchair services for extra help.


You can travel with a portable oxygen concentrator for free, but it must meet FAA guidelines.

Service animals

Fly with up to 2 service dogs for free. However, only dogs who perform tasks for someone with a disability qualify.


If you have a disability, including hard of hearing or low vision, we’ll accommodate your needs.

At the airport

How you get through the airport depends on the airport you’re at and your needs.

Traveler pro tips

Here are our top tips and features that can help make your time at the airport much easier:

  • Check in on the United app to get a digital boarding pass so you never risk losing it and get automatically updated on changes to your flight or gate.
  • Use the terminal guide on our app to find the best door for drop off. This depends on extra services you’ve requested and your gate.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk and stand around in.
  • With United Signature ServiceSM you can pay for a concierge to greet you and help to your gate at select airports.

Before you board

If you have a disability or are using a wheelchair service, you’ll be able to board your flight first in the pre-boarding group. This will give you extra time to get to your seat. Otherwise, you’ll board when the group number listed on your boarding pass is called.

Make sure any medications you’re traveling with are in your carry-on bag or personal item that you’re bringing on the plane with you.

Senior traveler FAQ