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Save time by purchasing Wi-Fi Day Pass

Plan ahead for your trip and purchase Wi-Fi access for your entire day of travel with Wi-Fi Day Pass. MileagePlus® members on single-passenger itineraries can purchase a day pass on their Trip details page for flights within the U.S. mainland. Your Wi-Fi Day Pass will be linked to your MileagePlus account and will be ready to use in flight.

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Select your trip from the My trips page to get to your Trip details. The Wi-Fi Day Pass option can be found above your flight information.

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It's easy to activate your inflight Wi-Fi Day Pass


1. In airplane mode,
find and connect to "United Wi-Fi"

2. Launch your internet browser
and go to

3. Sign in to your MileagePlus account
and follow the on-screen instructions

Interested in monthly or annual Wi-Fi subscriptions?

If you need a more long-term option for Wi-Fi, take a look at our subscription services that offer monthly or yearly Wi-Fi plans.

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Wi-Fi Day Pass FAQs

  • With Wi-Fi Day Pass, you can access messaging, email, web browsing and VPN.

  • You can begin using your day pass one hour before your scheduled departure, and you’ll have access throughout your entire trip during the 24-hour period.

  • MileagePlus members on single-passenger itineraries can purchase a Wi-Fi Day Pass on their My trips page for flights within the U.S. mainland. Select your trip from your My trips page and go to Trip details. The Wi-Fi Day Pass option will be above your flight information.

  • Pricing varies by route and closely maps to our in-flight prices. The Wi-Fi Day Pass cost will be the combined cost of Wi-Fi for all flight segments to your destination during the pass period.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience you might experience and ask that you check to make sure both the aircraft and your device are Wi-Fi-enabled. If they are, try disconnecting and connecting again.

    We actively monitor for any flights with low connectivity, and if you’re on such a flight, we’ll refund your purchase the next day. If your flight had low or no connectivity and you don’t receive a refund, you may request one at

  • If your delay is one hour or more, that time will be added to your Wi-Fi Day Pass; for delays of less than one hour, there will be no adjustment to your pass. If there’s a schedule change, your day pass will be transferred to the new date, time and route of your flight.

  • Purchase

    • A Wi-Fi Day Pass purchase provides a limited license to access United’s onboard network on Wi-Fi equipped United aircraft.
    • A Wi-Fi Day Pass only applies to internet access on flights operated by United or United Express® that depart within the applicable subscription period and region. When using the internet on another airline, you will be subject to the other airline’s internet policies and fees.
    • Streaming services are not included in your Wi-Fi Day Pass.
    • After the limited term has expired, the Wi-Fi Day Pass representing this license can no longer be used and has no value.
    • Offer subject to change without notice.


    • Except as otherwise provided below, Wi-Fi day passes are non-refundable.
    • Purchasers of Wi-Fi Day Passes may receive a refund if:
      • The flight for which the day pass applies is canceled.
      • The flight for which the day pass applies is changed so that the aircraft does not provide access to Wi-Fi.
      • The Wi-Fi is not accessible for over 50% of time during the flights for which the day pass applies.
    • If any of the above referenced events occur, refunds for Wi-Fi Day Pass purchases are processed automatically once travel is completed.
    • Customers who are eligible to receive a refund for a Wi-Fi Day Pass purchase and who have not received the refund within two billing cycles of their scheduled flight departure can submit a request through using the refund request form or by mail.

    Wi-Fi performance and usage

    • Use of United Wi-Fi is subject to the inflight Wi-Fi terms and conditions.
    • Operating bandwidth is not guaranteed for any level of service purchased and is dependent on several factors including but not limited to the number of internet users on the aircraft and the number of aircraft in the nearby area. Satellite coverage may experience outages for reasons such as government regulations, weather and switching between satellite regions. Aircraft equipped with DIRECTV® and 737 aircraft will only have satellite coverage within the continental United States. On two-cabin regional aircraft, internet availability is limited to the continental U.S. and Canada. Learn more about our coverage around the world.
    • Day pass license may only be used by one passenger on a flight and on one device at a time.
    • The day pass licensee’s MileagePlus® number must be used when signing into the United Wi-Fi portal on board to use the day pass license.
    • United reserves the right to amend, cancel or modify these terms and conditions and pricing at any time without notice.
    • Day pass licenses may not be sold by anyone other than United. Any licenses sold by a party other than United are void, and United reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions in connection with a third-party sale or barter of a day pass license: 1) invalidate the license; 2) assess the traveler for the actual value of the services obtained through use of the license; 3) delete miles in the traveler’s MileagePlus account or take any other action permitted by the Rules for MileagePlus Program; and 4) take legal action against the traveler or third-party seller of the day pass license.