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Ticket Refund Policies

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Travel agency and cruise line agency tickets

Tickets issued by another airline

Reissued and partially-used tickets


MileagePlus mileage purchase

MileagePlus upgrade service fees

Delayed or canceled flights

Refund request for nonrefundable tickets — unplanned event

Immediate family members

Change fee refunds

Ticket refunds

Documentation requirements

In case of death:

Illness situations:

Jury duty refunds requests:

Surcharges and taxes

Lost paper tickets

Advanced seat assignment

Baggage subscription

Cabin upgrade

Checked bag


Economy Plus® subscription

Food purchase

Premier Access

Priority boarding

United Club membership

United Travel Options Bundle


Other Refund Policies

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Baggage service fees

Booking service fees

Day-of-departure upgrades

Economy Plus® seating

Contact United Refunds




United Airlines
United Refunds
P.O. Box 4607, Dept. NHCRF
Houston, TX 77253-3056

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly will my refund be processed?

How will my refund be credited?