In-Flight Wifi

Trying to connect to Wi-Fi on your flight? Turn off private relay and go to

United Wi-Fi

Stay connected when you fly with United Wi-FiSM. It works with nearly any device (laptop, tablet or phone) and is available on most flights.

Using Wi-Fi

From pricing to actually using Wi-Fi on your flight, here’s what you need to know.


On U.S. domestic and short-haul international flights, like those to Mexico and Canada, Wi-Fi is $8, or 800 miles, for MileagePlus® members and $10 for everyone else. For all other flights, prices depend on where you’re headed and how long your flight is.


Even if you don’t pay for Wi-Fi, you can still activate free messaging and access and the United app, including our entertainment options.

T-Mobile customers get free Wi-Fi
That’s unlimited Wi-Fi, texting and streaming for T-Mobile customers on domestic and international United flights. See plan details for eligibility

How to get (and use) Wi-Fi

If you’re on your phone or tablet, make sure you download the United app before boarding your flight.


After boarding, turn on airplane mode and connect to our Wi-Fi network.


Go to and use your credit card or miles to pay.


Browse the internet, send emails, or hop on social media until you’ve landed.

You can't use miles on Wi-Fi enabled RJs (E175s/E170s and CRJ 550s/700s).

Flights with Wi-Fi

Whether or not your flight has Wi-Fi available depends on where you’re flying to, the plane you’re on and the service provider your plane uses.

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Wi-Fi Day Pass

Want to buy Wi-Fi for the day rather than the flight? MileagePlus members can get a Wi-Fi Day Pass for their entire trip. Buy before you fly either during booking or by adding it to an existing trip in trip details.

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Using your Wi-Fi Day Pass

Connect to our Wi-Fi network.

Go to after opening your browser.

Sign in to your MileagePlus account and follow the instructions.

Your Wi-Fi Day Pass will begin working one hour before your first flight of the day is scheduled to leave and expires 24 hours later. It’ll also cost the same amount it would to buy Wi-Fi for each individual flight during the 24 hour period.

Added benefit for MileagePlus Cardholders: You get 25% back on all United Wi-Fi subscription purchases, including Wi-Fi Day Pass.


Wi-Fi subscriptions

Wi-Fi subscriptions

If you travel often, you may want to consider buying a Wi-Fi subscription. With subscriptions you can pay for a month or year of Wi-Fi usage in advance through your MileagePlus account. Prices start at $49, or 7,500 miles, a month.

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How to buy a Wi-Fi subscription


Select your region of service. This can be just North America and Central America, or global.


You can buy your subscription using a credit card or miles.


On your flight, connect to our Wi-Fi network, go to and sign in to your MileagePlus account.

Your subscription can only be used on flights within the region you selected. You can change the region at any time in your MileagePlus account. It may also take 24 hours to process, so make sure you purchase it in enough time to use Wi-Fi on your next trip.

Added benefit for MileagePlus Cardholders: You get 25% back on all United Wi-Fi subscription purchases.

Wi-Fi FAQs