Checked baggage issues

Our Baggage Service Commitment

At United, our purpose is customer service — we’re committed to connecting people, along with their bags, to the moments that matter most.

We understand that checked bags are a reflection of the trust you have in us to provide your personal belongings with safe travels and reliable service.

When a bag is delayed, it means we did not uphold that trust. We apologize that this happened and take full responsibility. We will work with you to make the situation right.

Reporting your bag as missing

For flights within or between the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, delayed baggage should be reported to the airport Baggage Service Office immediately after the arrival of your flight, or by calling our Baggage Service Center at 1-800-335-2247 within 24 hours of your flight arrival.

For international flights, delayed baggage should be reported to the airport Baggage Service Office immediately after the arrival of your flight, or in writing within seven days of your flight arrival.

Getting updates on your bag

After you report your bag as delayed, we will begin an immediate search for your bag. While we search for your bag, you have several options to receive updates:

  • Check your phone or email — If your baggage is delayed and was not available at your final destination, you'll receive periodic text or email updates to the phone number or email address you provided.
  • Go to
  • Speak to a United representative at the Baggage Resolution Center.

If we're able to locate your bag within three days, you'll be contacted by phone or email (depending on your indicated preference) to schedule delivery. We'll work to schedule delivery to the location and during the timeframe that best meets your needs.

For bags still lost after three days

For bags checked June 1, 2017, or later, if we're unable to find your bag after three days, we'll pay you $1,500 for the value of the bag and its contents without requiring any documentation. The Baggage Resolution Center will contact you to process a compensation payment. We will also reimburse you for the amount you paid to check the bag.

If the value of your lost bag and its contents is more than $1,500, you may document and claim higher amounts up to the DOT required maximum of $3,500 per traveler for flights with the U.S., and applicable maximum for international flights. To do so, please use the form below.

Claim form for delayed baggage

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