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The Club

How much does it cost to join?

Annual membership is available for only $25 (subject to change). With the $5 you get back every time you purchase a ticket at, you'll quickly find value in your membership.

How do I enroll?

It's easy – select Join the Club, sign in to your MileagePlus® account and fill in the enrollment form. Start saving when you become a Club member. Learn more about the Club.

Not a MileagePlus member? Enroll in MileagePlus now.

If I purchase a ticket for another person, do I get the credit?

Yes, as long as you are signed in when you make the purchase. A $5 Club credit will be deposited in your TravelBank when travel is completed on any ticket purchased at

Can I use my credit toward any flight?

Credits are deposited in your TravelBank and may be applied to United or United Express® air travel purchased on or through the United Customer Contact Center. Credits cannot be used for MileagePlus award travel.

If I am not a Club member and I purchase the ticket for someone who is a Club member, do they get the credit?

No. The per-ticket credits are only available to Club members who have signed in and purchased a ticket. The $5 credit will be issued to the purchasing Club member’s TravelBank after travel is completed.

Can I use Club deposits to pay for my taxes and fees for an award ticket (mileage redemption)?

No. Club credits are deposited to your TravelBank, which is currently only applicable for the purchase of non-award tickets.

If the balance in my TravelBank exceeds my ticket price, what happens to the balance?

The TravelBank amount designated for the ticket purchase will be deducted and any remaining balance will stay in your TravelBank for future use.

Can I use my TravelBank funds to pay for a partial amount of my ticket if the balance in my TravelBank is less than the ticket price?

Yes. The TravelBank funds may be combined with a credit card to complete the ticket purchase. Additional form of payment combinations may be added in the future.