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The Trotter Project: A culinary partnership takes flight

The Trotter Project - Charlie Trotter

One of the most beautiful things that I can do for you — or that any one of us can do for another — is to serve each other. It's one of the most human things. It's one of the most basic things. But you do that from the heart. You do that because you want to connect with somebody. 'Service, not Servitude' is something that should never be lost.

— Chef Charlie Trotter
Photo: Paul Elledge

After legendary Chef Charlie Trotter's passing, Trotter alumni and culinary supporters wanted to find a way to continue his charitable and educational initiatives. They joined with his family members to found The Trotter Project, a nonprofit organization committed to mentoring and inspiring a new generation of culinary minds.

United is excited to be the official airline of The Trotter Project and as part of this partnership, which is the first of its kind, we have the honor of collaborating with Charlie Trotter-affiliated chefs to reimagine United's inflight dining experience. The Trotter Project will gather teams of chefs worldwide to join with the United culinary team in an ongoing collaboration that will offer customers exciting new menu options on flights throughout our global network, with culinary expertise perfectly suited to the wide variety of destinations United serves. In turn, United will support the mission of The Trotter Project through sponsorship and mentorship programs, helping to develop the next great generation of chefs.

Customers dining in all of our cabins can enjoy the enhanced dining experience developed by The Trotter Project chefs and United executive chefs. Together they will work to create gourmet menu options for United Polaris® and premium transcontinental service, as well as inspiring new items for our international economy dining.

Meet our chefs

Chef Bill Kim

Bill Kim, chef partner at urbanbelly Restaurants in Chicago

Chef Jesse Dunford Wood

Jesse Dunford Wood, chef-owner at Parlour in London

Chef Richie Farina

Top Chef's Richie Farina, former executive chef at Michelin-starred Moto Restaurant

Chef Noriyuki Sugie

Noriyuki Sugie, executive chef at Hitachino Beer & Wagyu in San Francisco

Chef Della Gossett

Della Gossett, of Spago Beverly Hills

Chef Michael Rotondo

Michael Rotondo, chef de cuisine at Parallel 37 at The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco

Chef Timothy Havidic

Timothy Havidic, chef de cuisine at Ampersand Wine Bar in Chicago

Chef Michael Taus

Michael Taus, vice president of The Trotter Project and chef-owner at Taus Authentic in Chicago

Chef Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong, Tao Group New York

Chef Alan Mathieson

Alan Mathieson, chef partner at Mathieson Hood in Edinburgh

Future collaborations will involve teaming with other chefs from around the world to create regional and route-specific menus, as well as continuing to develop new food selections for our various cabins.