Useful information for customers with disabilities

Electronic assistive devices

Some electronic assistive devices may be used during flight if it can be verified by a manufacturers’ label or otherwise that it meets applicable FAA safety and hazardous goods requirements. If possible, please provide information to help verify that the device meets the applicable FAA requirements at the time of booking. Advance notification of at least 48 hours is required to confirm that your device meets these FAA requirements. Our staff at the Accessibility Desk at 1-800-228-2744 will assist you in verifying the documentation needed to approve your device for use in-flight. Occasionally the manufacturer of your device may have to be contacted to verify that testing has been performed for the device and that it meets the current FAA requirements. Wireless devices, such as a wireless glucose monitor, cannot be used on board the aircraft. Additionally, personal air filtration units cannot be used on board the aircraft. Unapproved devices are permitted to be carried on the aircraft, however may not be used, provided they fit securely beneath the seat or in the overhead compartment.


You should carry your medications with you onboard the flight. In fact, you should never put your medications in your checked bag. Keep in mind that you may be asked to check your carry-on bag at the gate due to space constraints in the cabin. It is your responsibility to remove your medications before giving your bag to a flight attendant or agent at the gate. Our aircraft do not have refrigerators on board, so please plan accordingly. Also, if you use needles to inject medication, have your doctor's prescription with you just in case security officers have questions.

Portable dialysis machines

Portable dialysis machines cannot be used on board the aircraft, however, qualified customers with a disability using these devices are permitted to carry them on board provided they can be stowed in the passenger cabin consistent with applicable TSA, FAA and other regulations governing carry-on luggage. These machines are not included in the maximum number of allowable carry-on items or checked bags. If the device is a size or shape that is unable to fit in the cabin, it can be checked in and transported in the cargo hold free of charge.

Special meals

United offers a wide variety of special meals, including vegan, gluten intolerant, Kosher and others. Special meals are offered to United Economy® customers on flights where meals are served and to United First® and United Business® customers on flights where meals and/or snacks are served.

Special meals are only available in select markets.

Incubators and infant transport systems (ITS)

These services are limited and provided only in the Micronesia region.


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