COVID-19 testing for United travelers

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As people around the world resume traveling, we’re partnering with testing providers on select routes to help make COVID-19 testing more accessible.*

Plane Icon Travel from New York/Newark with XpresCheck

If you’re traveling from New York/Newark, we offer a testing option to give you some peace of mind when you travel. Before booking an appointment, please check your destination’s testing requirements on the Travel-Ready Center or COVID-19 travel entry requirements map.

  • United has teamed up with XpresCheck on a rapid COVID-19 testing option at New York/Newark. It’s available daily to customers originating from New York/Newark and traveling anywhere.

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    Clock Icon Rapid PCR test

    • Administered by XpresCheck at a testing facility located before security in Terminal B, Level 3, near Door 1
    • Customers must pre-register to reserve their testing timeslot and obtain a test. No walk-in appointments will be available.
    • Results are delivered in as little as 60 minutes
    • $250 per test and insurance is not accepted (a 10% discount will be applied for customers that get tested prior to the day of travel)

Plane Icon Travel from London Heathrow with ExpressTest

If you’re traveling to the U.S. from London Heathrow, we offer approved testing options that will allow you to satisfy U.S. testing requirement for entry. Visit our COVID-19 travel entry requirements map for the most up-to-date information about U.S.'s entry and testing requirements.

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    Clock Icon Rapid antigen test

    • Administered by ExpressTest at a testing facility located before security in Terminal 2 Arrivals – lower ground level plaza (the level below arrivals) and also Terminal 2 Departures – level 5 behind Zone A
      • Note: The clinics shown above are in the same terminal as United. ExpressTest does have testing clinics in other terminals at London Heathrow.
    • If you've already booked a trip, visit the Travel-Ready Center to find more information about the test and schedule an appointment
    • Customers must pre-register to reserve their testing timeslot and obtain a test on the day of travel. No walk-in appointments or appointments before the day of travel will be available.
    • Results are provided in as little as 40 minutes
    • £35 per test

Frequently asked questions

General questions

  • Check our COVID-19 travel entry requirements map to learn more about what you need for your trip. If you’ve already booked your flight, visit our Travel-Ready Center for helpful information specific to you and your upcoming trip.

  • If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, started to feel symptoms or tested positive, you should self-isolate and delay your travel. Negative test results aren’t required for travel to the U.S., but some countries may still require one. You can use these guidelines to see when you should travel again. Once you’ve determined that it’s safe to travel, you can rebook or cancel your flight as needed without change fees.

  • It’s not a requirement to receive your test through United; you can also arrange a COVID-19 test independently, as long as it’s approved by your destination.

  • Destinations have different requirements for what needs to appear on your COVID-19 test results. Visit our COVID-19 travel entry requirements map and your destination’s official government website for more information.

    To enter the U.S., your negative COVID-19 test result must include the following:

    • Entity issuing the result (e.g., laboratory, healthcare entity, or telehealth service)
    • Name of the traveler (must match the traveler’s identification)
    • Date test was taken
    • Type of test – must be a viral (NAAT or antigen) COVID-19 test and
    • Test result must state “negative,” “SARS-CoV-2 RNA not detected” or “SARS-CoV-2 antigen not detected”


    • A positive viral test on a sample taken during the past 90 days, and a signed letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official that states you have been cleared for travel according to CDC’s travel guidance. The positive test result and letter together are referred to as “documentation of recovery.”

Mail-in and in-person test questions

  • What if there aren’t any in-person COVID-19 testing appointments available?

    We recommend booking your appointment as far in advance as possible with a testing provider as spots do fill quickly, especially for a day-of-travel test. You can also visit the Travel-Ready Center to find other eligible testing providers for your destination.

  • Will in-person COVID-19 testing be available at other airports through United?

    Airport testing options are currently only available at the airports listed above for travel to select destinations. We also offer other testing options and resources for travelers.

*Travel requirements and restrictions change rapidly. For the most updated information, visit our database of international document and entry requirements.