Look out for innovation at Cleveland (CLE)

Modernizing your experience at Gates 17, 18 and 23.

We know your experience at the gate is an important part of your overall journey, so we’re excited to try something new at our gates at Cleveland (CLE). When you travel through Gates 17, 18 or 23, you’ll see us trying out different ways to create a more relaxed, modern and personalized experience that evolves along with our customers’ needs. Many of these ideas came directly from our employees or customers like you.

Over the last couple months, you may have noticed a new gate experience each time you traveled. We’ll continue to innovate our gates during the summer and invite your feedback along the way.

Gate agent with a customer

Gate agent mobility and boarding queues

We’ve provided gate agents with mobile devices so they can assist you throughout the gate area as well as from a podium. We’ve also moved our boarding lanes along the windows — hello, runway views! — allowing for the gate area to remain quieter and less congested during the boarding process.

Tablets installed at the gates

Self-service tablets

We want you to be able to choose the kind of interaction that best fits your needs: getting help from a gate agent or making small changes on your own. You can now make changes or updates to your reservation, such as choosing seats or adding your known traveler ID, using tablets we’ve installed at the gates.

Digital display showing relevant information

Information displays

New digital displays will deliver relevant information where and when you need it, such as a countdown clock to your boarding time and more visible flight status information.

New sofas at the gate

New furniture and refreshed gate amenities

For more comfort and productivity, we’ve added new chairs, benches, stools, and sofas to the gate area, featuring sustainable materials and built-in power outlets.

Frequently asked questions

  • Not at all. Your personal flight information, like your seat and boarding priority, will not change as a result of this project.

  • At standard gates, you would need to line up and talk to agent at the podium. At our innovation gates, gate agents can come to you, wherever you’re seated, and help you directly from their mobile devices.

  • We’ve moved the boarding queues along the windows to keep the aisles and terminal walkways free from crowding. As with our other gates, Groups 1 and 2 will board first, and Groups 3-5 can stay seated until their groups are called.

  • You can change seats, rebook, check in, print your boarding pass, apply for a MileagePlus® account, or add your known traveler information on our self-service tablets.

  • Cleveland Gates 17, 18, and 23 are the only gates being innovated that may be different. Next, we plan to expand our gate innovation project to a new hub airport this fall.