Flight Status Updates

Stay informed on the go

We will automatically contact you via email if your flight is delayed or canceled, as long as you have provided an email address in your reservation. To add your email address to your reservation on united.com, you will need to do the following:

Step 1

Access your reservation by entering your United confirmation number and last name.

Step 2

Select “Add E-mail Address and Request Receipt” under the pricing information for your reservation. (If the “Add E-mail Address and Request Receipt” link isn’t available, please contact your local United Customer Contact Center in order to add your email address to your reservation.)

Step 3

Add your email address and click “Submit” to receive notifications for your flights. Please note that notifications will be sent to the email address most recently added to your reservation.

MileagePlus® members can opt to receive flight status notifications for all of their flights by signing up for a flight status notification subscription on united.com. After signing up for a flight status notification subscription, members may choose to receive alerts advising of flight departure time, gate information, delays and cancellations. Your flight status notification subscription settings can be changed through My Account. Learn more about flight status notification subscriptions.

Prefer fewer emails? We can send you flight reminders once per hour for a particular flight, beginning up to four hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure or arrival. Sign up for individual flight reminders.

Did you know? You can also send reminders about your flight status to others not traveling with you, such as a friend or family member meeting you at the airport. To sign up, please visit the flight reminders page and provide an email address or phone number.