We’re embracing the goal of becoming 100% green by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2050. We’ll do this by making investments in sustainable aviation fuel and carbon sequestration. Learn more

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At United, we’re committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. This commitment means we strive to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations and continuously look for ways to reduce our footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities.

From our CEO

“When I became United Airlines’ new CEO at the beginning of the pandemic, I did so with a grand vision for our company: to make sustainability the new standard in flight. I realize it’s an ambitious vision for someone in an industry that depends on burning fossil fuels to operate. As the leader of one of the world’s largest airlines, I recognize our responsibility in contributing to climate change as well as our responsibility to solve it. It’s no longer enough to for us to connect the world without making sure it has a future.”

— Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer

Our commitment to the environment

Fuel efficiency and emissions reduction

We’re increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions through technology and process innovation.

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Sustainable products and materials management

We’re improving the sustainability of our products and facilities.

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Sustainable fuel sources

We’re investing in sustainable low-carbon aviation fuels.

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Eco-Skies partners

We’re partnering to promote sustainability and protect our environment.

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Our environmental sustainability projects

Catch a glimpse of the work we do in the sky and on the ground.

Get an overview of our Eco-Skies program with this “Big Metal Bird” episode. Watch here

Learn more about our history-making biofuel program in Los Angeles. Watch here

These kits are sent to those in need. With hygiene products that reduce the spread of disease, the kits can help save lives.

Our partnership with Clean the World helps those in need. Watch here

Go behind the scenes of our partnership with AltAir Fuels. Watch here

We’ve partnered with college students to create sustainable and stylish travel bags. Watch here

United’s Eco-Skies expert tells us more about the airline’s innovative environmental program. Watch here

Corporate Responsibility Report

To learn more about how we support the environment through our business practices, view our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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