International checked bag limits

Some places outside of the U.S. have their own limits for checked bags. If you are flying to, from, or through these places, you can only check oversized, overweight and extra bags if you follow certain rules.

These international embargoes can change without notice. For more information about the United bag rules, visit our checked bags page. You can also use our baggage fee calculator to find out how many bags you can bring and how much they will cost.

Year-round limits

Seasonal limits

Some destinations limit oversized, overweight and extra checked bags during busy travel periods like spring break or the holidays.

If you’re traveling on any of the dates below, check to see if your departure, arrival, or layover airports have any seasonal limits on checked bags.

More information

Checking boxes instead of bags

If you are traveling to a place with limits for extra checked bags, you can check a box instead. The box can weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms). The total length + width + height of the box must be less than 62 inches (158 centimeters). For destinations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the measurement must be less than 42 inches (107 centimeters).

Sports equipment

If your destination has limits on checked bags, you cannot check these types of sports equipment:

  • Bikes
  • Hang gliders
  • Surfboards*
  • Wakeboards
  • Windsurfing boards

*You can still check surfboards when traveling to or from Costa Rica during embargo periods.