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Things to do in Greece

Discover Greece with flights to Athens and Thessaloniki.

Visit Athens

  • Witness the scale and artistry of the Parthenon, an ancient Athenian Greek temple completed in 438 B.C.. View the Doric columns, statues of Athena Parthenos and friezes that commemorate the Trojan War.
  • Understand Ancient Greece at the Acropolis Museum. Watch current archeological excavations through the glass floor inside the Gallery of the Slopes and explore statuary preserved from the Acropolis.
  • Stroll from Syntagma Square to Omonia Square. See Evzones guarding the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and the Greek Parliament building. Grab some souvlaki — grilled meat and vegetable from a skewer — and picnic in the National Garden.

Fly to Thessaloniki

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki to see prehistoric Macedonian pottery, understand the birth of Greece’s city-states and view a reconstructed home from the Roman Imperial era.
  • Tour the White Tower of Thessaloniki, one of the city’s most famous buildings. Learn about the city’s transformation into a modern metropolis and its culture and take in city views from the balcony.
  • Spend an evening at Ladadika, a pedestrian-only neighborhood. Choose from dozens of restaurants. For dessert, order trigona panoramatos — cream-filled phyllo cones garnished with pistachios — and explore the nightlife.