Diversity and inclusion

Our shared purpose, “Connecting People, Uniting the World” is about more than being a conduit between global cultures, it is about demonstrating that investing in inclusivity is what is good for our business, our employees, and our customers. We have a tremendous opportunity to build upon our commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring our people and processes are as diverse and as far-reaching as the communities we connect and the customers we serve. Our shared purpose drives us to be the best airline for everyone in the United family and beyond.

Scott Kirby,
Chief Executive Officer


At United, we define diversity as the range of differences that make individuals unique, including ability, age, ethnicity, gender identification, race, sexual orientation, religious belief and veteran's status. Inclusion is how we leverage these differences to form a genuine community and expand business opportunities.

Our approach is treating diversity and inclusion like a core leadership competency, taking diversity well beyond compliance. The goal is for leaders to create a culture where acceptance and appreciation of everyone is the norm and each employee is comfortable bringing their full selves to work. Our mission is to create an inclusive work environment, characterized by dignity and respect, that empowers every employee to serve the global marketplace and contribute to our success.


Through our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, we find innovative and effective solutions to engage employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures in taking our flyer-friendly service around the globe. We are driving to become recognized as an airline where:

  • leaders embrace diversity and inclusion as a business advantage
  • employees feel highly valued, are actively engaged and are treated with dignity and respect
  • customers value our inclusive approach to delivering flyer-friendly service

Diversity and inclusion initiatives

At United, we drive diversity and inclusion by developing our leaders, maximizing engagement, attracting and retaining talent, and expanding brand awareness. Learn more about our Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives.

Contact the Diversity and Inclusion team

You can contact United's Diversity and Inclusion team at Diversity-Inclusion@united.com.