Save a form of payment to buy snacks and drinks

We’re working to make your trip more enjoyable while maintaining a safer and more touchless travel experience.

Starting March 4, 2021, you’ll be able to buy snacks and drinks again on select flights. However, to do this, you’ll need to save a form of payment before you board. You won’t be able to use credit cards while in flight. You can also use the PayPal app on select flights for in-flight purchases. Learn more here.

Whether you are using the United app or PayPal, be sure to save or verify your United MileagePlus® Chase Card as your primary form of payment before traveling. When you pay with your card, you’ll receive 25% back on inflight purchases of food, beverages and Wi-Fi.*

First, browse the following snacks and drinks available for purchase:

All day

Flights scheduled over 1 hour

Within the United States, including to/from Hawaii

Alcoholic beverages

Beerwine glass icon

Michelob Ultra®$8
Stella Artois®$8
Breckenridge Brewery Juice Drop Hazy IPA $8
White Claw® Hard Seltzer - Mango $8dark green circle with a v denotes a vegetarian menu option
Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale* $8

Winewine glass icon

Red or white (187 mL) $9
Sparkling* (187 mL) $9

Specialty wines

Premium red (375 mL) $18
Premium white (375 mL) $18

*Only available on mainline United flights between the continental United States and Hawaii

wine glass iconFree on flights between the continental United States and Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Israel, New Zealand, South America and Tahiti.

wine glass iconGluten Free

Then, save your form of payment; here’s how:

There are a few easy ways to save a form of payment before your flight so you can buy snacks and drinks while in the air.

At check-in on

  1. When reviewing your reservation details, select “Add credit card”
  2. Fill out information and select “Save”

At check-in on

  1. When reviewing your reservation details, select “Add credit card”
  2. Fill out information and select “Save”


Download a version of the United app:

Frequently asked questions

  • Domestic flights scheduled over 1 hour will have beer, wine and hard seltzer available for purchase; domestic flights scheduled over 4 hours will have snacks available for purchase.

  • If you don’t have a saved form of payment by the time you fly, don’t worry. We’ll continue to offer complimentary snacks depending on the cabin and length of your flight.

  • Check out the food or drink menus on or the United app to find out what snacks and drinks you can buy on your flight. The items we sell might change depending on what’s available, though.

  • No. You’ll only be able to buy something on board with a saved form of payment. We won’t accept credit cards or cash on board.

  • We’ve partnered with the experts at Cleveland Clinic to advise us on enhancing safety measures. Based on their guidance, we’d prefer to make your travel experience as touchless as possible and avoid having you pass credit cards back and forth with our flight attendants.

  • Even if you plan to check in at the airport, you can save your card for your flight on or the United app. If you’ve already checked in, download the latest version of the United app to your phone or other smart device. Under the “My Trips” section, you can find a trip using your confirmation number and last name. Save that trip and you should see a prompt on the home screen allowing you to save your credit card information.

  • If you save your form of payment on your MileagePlus profile, you can use it on all future trips when this type of payment is available.

    If you save your form of payment at check-in, we’ll only apply it for the specific trip you’re checking in for. If your travel plans are spread across multiple reservations, you’ll need to add your card separately for each trip. We’ll remove your saved form of payment within 12 hours of arriving at your final destination.

  • Nope – you can keep your credit card in your wallet or purse. If you choose to buy something, the flight attendant may ask for you to confirm the name on the card you have on file. Once you confirm, you’ll be charged for what you receive. As always, you can retrieve any receipts through the email you have on file or by visiting our website.

  • Yes. Eligible Premier members will once again receive a complimentary Choice Menu item and/or alcoholic beverage when traveling on an eligible flight segment.

  • While you can remove your face covering briefly to eat or drink, you must immediately put it back on afterward. Learn more by reading our FAQs about face coverings