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Agency Level Access:

To access the Travel Agency Information Center (TAIC), go to united.com/agency. Find the latest news, policies and information for travel agencies. You can also book electronic certificates travel online.

Agency Secure Level Access:

To gain access to the secure area of the site where you can view information on agency programs, performance, ticket status and more, you must obtain an individual login from your Agency Administrator (see below). United is unable to provide these logins. After your administrator requests a login for you, you will receive an email with a secure link to activate your account and select a password.

Administrator Level Access:

The agency administrator is responsible for managing user access and rights within the agency. If the ARC# is a Home Office Location, administrators also can manage user access for branch locations. To become an administrator, complete a one-time verification process using the agency’s Tax ID for security. Here is how to become an administrator:

Here is how to become an administrator:

  1. Enter the agency website at united.com/agency.
  2. Click on the Agency Secure Login button. Under the heading for Administrator, select the link stating "You can authenticate here with your Tax ID Number" and follow the directions.

If you need further assistance, you may contact Loginsupport@united.com.