United Airlines

Passive segments

GDS subscriber agencies should use PNR claim functionality for ticketing United-created PNRs whenever possible. Using a claim will reduce errors such as name misspellings and decrease the chances of receiving debit memos.

For those occasions when a claim is not possible, agencies may use passive segments for ticketing. An acceptable passive segment is entered into a GDS for the purpose of ticketing, and it must match an existing booking.

When a travel agent ends a transaction on a PNR that contains a passive segment, United’s system receives a GDS notification message and then checks for a matching booking. If no identical matching booking is found, a message to reject the passive segment is sent to the GDS PNR with a status code of -NO- or -HX-. United also sends an SSR message explaining why the passive segment was rejected. Carefully review the SSR message to determine what caused United to reject the passive segment. Common causes for rejection are:

  • No matching itinerary in United's reservations system
  • Itinerary was found but does not match exactly
    • Names do not match exactly
    • Booking classes do not match
  • Segment is waitlisted in United's reservations system
  • United previously received a matching passive segment
  • Agency does not have ticketing authority or is restricted from booking United segments
  • Booking is for reduced-rate travel
  • Booking is for a United MileagePlus® award
  • Booking was made on united.com or on a travel website such as Priceline.com or Hotwire.com

Passive segments should be used for ticketing only after a booking has been made in an airline's inventory system. Passive segments are not permitted to be used for other reasons, such as satisfying productivity requirements contained in an agreement between the agency and a GDS provider, or circumventing fare rules. If keeping track of a booking for administrative purposes only, please use a non-billable status code. Auxiliary segments or non-billable status codes should be used to produce invoices and itineraries or for administrative or accounting purposes. For example, non-billable status codes include AMADEUS - GK, APOLLO - BK, SABRE - YK and WORLDSPAN - use a TVL Air Segment.