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Agency Secure Login

Book electronic certificate travel

Don't know the offer code?

See details about an offer.

24-Hour Fare Guarantee

Agency Debit Memo Policy – IATA BSP

Agency rebooking parameters

Review our policies for processing changes to travel itineraries.

Booking and ticketing policy

View and download policies governing bookings and tickets.

Contract of Carriage

Understand our obligations and what to expect when traveling.

Flight firming

Our flight firming system ensures that seats are available in periods of high demand.

Flight & gate information (FLIFO)

Find arrival, departure and gate information for yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow's flights.


Learn more about our onboard meals and snacks, as well as special meal requests.

Miscellaneous Charge Orders

View our policies regarding Miscellaneous Charge Orders.

Passive segments

Review policy and procedures for booking passive segments.

Rate desk pricing

Let the United Rate Desk price complex international itineraries.

Secure Flight

Review frequently asked questions about the Secure Flight program.

Ticketing guidelines

Review ticketing policies including restrictions, fees, interline agreements and waitlist policy.

Ticket status

Know instantly if a United ticket has been flown.

Undo check-in

Read the steps to undo check-in, which will allow changes to be made on an itinerary.

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