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The best thing to do in Switzerland

Discover Switzerland with flights to Zurich and Geneva.

Visit Zurich

  • Climb the towers at Grossmünster for panoramic views of Zurich and nearby mountains. Inside, the sun filters through stained-glass windows. Afterward, go to a local restaurant and order the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes — a traditional veal dish with a delicate mushroom and cream sauce.
  • Head up Uetliberg, a mountain overlooking Zurich. Hike to the summit for sunset, bike Höckler Trail or go paragliding, if you’re feeling adventurous.
  • Explore Swiss origins at the National Museum Zurich, Switzerland’s most popular museum. Start at the Archaeology in Switzerland exhibit to view remnants of lake dwellers, Celts, Romans and Alamanni. Then learn about the history of Switzerland and see the first topographical map of the country.

Fly to Geneva

  • Tour the United Nation’s (UN) Palais des Nations. Learn about the UN’s history and how the diplomatic efforts within these halls influence modern life. Head outside to the surrounding park and picnic with the peacocks.
  • Visit the Museum of Art and History to view masterful works of art. Start with the Witz’s La Pêche Miraculeuse, then view several Rodin sculptures. View Byzantine art and middle age weapons.
  • Stroll around the Botanical Gardens and Conservatory. Start at the Herbarium where you’ll find a world-famous collection of plants and fungi, head to the family-friendly Enchanted Forest playground and spend time in the experiential Garden of Smell and Touch.