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(female presenter)
Welcome to the
United Private Screening...

- You ready?
- Of course.

...where you can discover
all the latest Hollywood blockbusters...

hit TV shows,
cool music videos...

and so much more.

Here's a quick look
at what's available.

You see?
You tapped it.

Straight from the award season...

don't miss this year's
biggest winners and nominees. ..

including two-time Golden Globe winner,
The Shape of Water.

This creature is intelligent.


Gary Oldman delivers an outstanding
performance in Darkest Hour.

You cannot reason
with a tiger...

when your head
is in its mouth!

Seven-time Oscar nominee...

Three Billboards
outside Ebbing, Missouri.

- What the hell is this?
- Advertising I guess.

The incredible
Disney animation, Coco.

The greatest musician of all time.
I want to be just like him.

And other critical ly acclaimed titles,
including Call Me By Your Name.

The emotional
family drama Wonder.

Willem Dafoe stars
in The Florida Project.

And crime drama
Roman J Israel, Esquire.

Over in TV, browse through
the many box sets available...

including HBO drama Gunpowder.

Comedy Broad City.

I feel like you really get me.

And crime thriller Marcella.

I want to go back to work.

There's also episodes of NCIS.

And the gripping
Mysteries at the Museum.

This month on United...

we put together a selection we're calling
Our Her Story Collection...

movies and television programs
dedicated to inspirational women.

My gals are ready.
We can do the work.

Emma Stone stars...

in the biographical comedy
Battle of the Sexes.

You're offering
the men's winner...

exactly eight times what
you're offering the women's winner.

The incredible true story
of marine corporal Megan Leavey.

- You got this?
- Yeah, I got this.

Meet the women at NASA
in Hidden Figures.

They let women do some things
at NASA, Mr. Johnson.

And check out
inspiring documentaries...

like A Life in the Waves.

The first feature
about writer and actress...

Maya Angelou: And I Still Rise.

StarTalk with Whoopi Goldberg.
And many more.

I don't think I knew that.

Turn up the volume and tune in
to the hottest new music releases...

with our massive selection
of exclusively curated music videos...

brought to you
in partnership with Vevo.

[music playing]

Check out the new release
by MGMT, "When You Die."

♫ I’m mean and I’m evil ♫

♫ Don’t call me nice ♫

["Praying" playing]

And Kesha releases
the powerful "Praying."

♫ I hope your soul is changin' ♫

To see what else is available...

take a look
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and find everything
you need for your flight.

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