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(female presenter)
Welcome to the
United Private Screening...

I thought
you didn't need a plan.

...where you can discover
all the latest Hollywood blockbusters...

hit TV shows,
cool music videos...

and so much more.

I'm just here
for the rice pudding.

Here's a quick look
at what's available.

Acclaimed director
Christopher Nolan...

brings to life the events
that shaped our world in Dunkirk.

We shall go on to the end.
We shall never surrender.

See how the other half steals
in crime comedy Logan Lucky.

We are dealing
with science here.

Scott Eastwood stars
in the high-acting Overdrive.

Buckle up.

There's also exciting adventure movies
for the whole family to enjoy...

including Descendants 2.

Action fantasy Valerian and the City
of a Thousand Planets.

Yeah, we're a team.

An animation
The Emoji Movie.

Get in the holiday spirit...

and enjoy a festive selection
of movies with Elf.

- Santa's coming to town.
- Santa!

The Holiday,
starring Kate Winslet.

And the timeless classic
Home Alone.

You guys give up
or are you thirsty for more?

Plus other titles including Tim Burton's
The Nightmare Before Christmas...

and It's a Wonderful Life.

Over in TV, you can find entire box sets
of popular shows such as Veep.

Can I count
on your vote?

Season two of the hilarious
People of Earth.

Good job, Richard.

Time travel adventures
in the brilliant Doctor Who.


As well as HBO drama
Olive Kitteridge.

It feels good to be bad
in Lucifer.

Fantasy horror
The Vampire Diaries.

And more.

Explore hours
of entertainment...

like Indie films
from the Tribeca Film Festival.

A variety
of relaxation shows.

Exciting educational podcasts...

as well as a massive selection
of exclusively curated music videos...

brought to you
in partnership with Vevo.

♫ I make myself
A promise ♫

♫ Then break it
Every night ♫

Tune in to "Half a Million,"
the new release by The Shins.

♫ I use my brains
To build a fence ♫

♫ 'Round the claim I stake ♫

And check out "Non Believer"...

from London Grammar
second studio album.

To see what else is available...

take a look
at the Hemispheres magazine...

or visit our
United Private Screening website...

and find everything
you need for your flight.

What are you waiting for?

Discover entertainment
on United Private Screening.

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