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(female presenter)
Welcome to the
United Private Screening...

Hi, everyone.

...where you can discover
all the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Hit TV shows,
cool music videos...

and so much more.

Here's a quick look
at what's available.

All right, kid,
good luck out there.

Get a double bill of superhero movies
with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This is my chance
to prove myself.

And the summer smash hit
Wonder Woman.

Or check out Edgar Wright's super cool
action sensation, Baby Driver.

I'm a driver.

If you're in the mood
for a comedy...

there's Captain Underpants:
The First Epic Movie.


As well as rom-coms,
The Big Sick.

And the emotionally absorbing
The Lovers.

As if.

Plus, tons of other great movies,
including Despicable Me 3...

and The House.

Five graphical dramas,
The Wizard of Lies and Megan Leavy.

And family adventure,
Max 2: White House Hero.

Anime and manga fans,
get ready.

We've rounded up
some of the best...

including Your name.

Wartime drama
In This Corner of the World.

And the series
Chibi Maruko Chan.

Over in TV, enjoy entire box sets
of the biggest shows...

like House of Cards.

They've gone to a whole
lot of trouble to make me look pretty bad.

But that's politics.

Get a double helping of HBO hits
with the new Big little Lies...

and season four
of Silicon Valley.


- Sorry.
- That's okay.

As well as season one
of Genius.

Brand new comedy,
The Mick.

Secrets of the Dead,
and more.

Expand your horizons with one
of the many podcasts on offer...

like the popular Innovation Hub.

America's number one sports network,
Sports Byline USA.

And explore the riddles
of everyday life in Freakonomics.

Smarter, faster, better.

The secrets of being productive
in life and business.

There's also a variety
of relaxation shows available.

Incredible Indie titles
straight from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Or turn up the volume and tune
into our massive selection...

of exclusively curated
music videos...

brought to you
in partnership with Vevo.

♫ Just stop your crying ♫

♫ It's a sign of the times ♫

Tune in to the emotional
Harry Styles' song, "Sign of the Times."

♫ We gotta get away from here ♫

And the new Chainsmokers' tune,
"All We Know."

To see what else is available...

take a look
at the Hemispheres magazine...

or visit our
United Private Screening website...

and find everything
you need for your flight.

What are you waiting for?

Discover entertainment
on United Private Screening.

You're damn right.

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