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(female presenter)
Welcome to
United Private Screening...

Let's do this!

...where you can discover
all the latest Hollywood blockbusters...

hit TV shows,
cool music videos...

and so much more.

Here's a quick look
at what's available.

There's all new action hits
like reboot, Tomb Raider...

It'll be an adventure.

And the epic sci-fi sequel,
Pacific Rim: Uprising.

One way to find out.

As well as laugh-out-loud comedies,
including Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs.


Dark comedy, Gringo.

[high-pitched scream]

And parents are out to stop
the fun in Blockers.

- I'm going to stop them.
- I'm in.

For heartwarming love stories, tune
into one of the many dramas available...

like Finding Your Feet.

Last one in's a sissy.


The charmingly beautiful Love, Simon.

And dreams come true at night
in Midnight Sun.

This month on United, we've put together
out of this world entertainment...

in our Space is the Place collection.

From incredible Hollywood classics
like 2001: A Space Odyssey...


and Interstellar...

to fascinating documentaries...

How the Universe Works...

Star Talk and Wonders of the Moon...

There's definitely stories
about the moon in all cultures.

There's more gripping TV to discover
with the many box sets available...

including new HBO comedy Barry...

starring Bill Hader.

What about that guy?

(Russian man)
He is freaked.

You see this?
Why is he wearing that?

DC's super hero action
in Black Lightning.

And enter the arena
of American Gladiators.

Turn up the volume and tune in...

to our massive selection
of specially curated music videos...

brought to you in partnership with Vevo.

Check out
Manchester singer Tom Walker...

and his new hit, Leave a Light On.

I will leave a light on

I will leave a light on

Or tune in to the new San Holo
release, Right Here Right Now.

You can only be right here right now

To see what else is available...

take a look
at your Hemispheres magazine...

or visit our
United Private Screening website...

and find everything
you need for your flight.

What are you waiting for?

Discover entertainment
on United Private Screening.

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