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Customers with peanut allergies

United is committed to the safety of its customers, including customers with peanut allergies. United does not serve pre-packaged peanuts on our flights. However, some foods we serve may include nuts or contain trace amounts of nut ingredients (including traces of peanuts), or may have been processed in facilities that handle nuts, including peanuts.

Although we do not serve peanuts on our flights, it's not possible to prevent customers from bringing food items on board that contain peanuts. If you have concerns about peanut allergies, please notify a flight attendant on board the aircraft. In some cases, we may be able to pass along your request to other customers seated nearby to refrain from opening or eating any peanut products that they may have brought on board.

For operational reasons, we cannot remove any onboard products based on individual customer requests, and we do not offer nut-free buffer zones on our aircraft. Since we cannot guarantee nut-free flights, we encourage customers to review any health concerns with their physicians prior to flying.