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Travel Information - Flight Status & Information168 pages

  1. Military & State Department Pet Travel | United Airlines
    View list of exceptions we make for U.S. Military and State Department customers who are traveling with pets.
  2. PetSafe Pet Transport & Shipping | United Airlines
    PetSafe offers pet shipping and transport for animals and includes a 24-hour PetSafe desk. Travel on the same flight as your pet or track your pet online.
  3. Traveling with Animals | United Airlines
    Before you book your flight, and before you travel, read through our PetSafe frequently asked questions to prepare.
  4. Pet Travel Restrictions | United Airlines
    Review restrictions for traveling with certain breeds, to cities or countries with pet travel restrictions, embargoes and our primate acceptance policy.
  5. Traveling with In-Cabin Pets | United Airlines
    View information about in-cabin pet kennels, service animals, international travel with pets and restrictions for traveling with animals.

Other110 pages

  1. PetsSafe Contact Information | United Airlines
    Contact us with questions regarding pets and other animals traveling with United's PetSafe program.
  2. What is Paypal? | PayPal Payment Option | United Airlines
    Use PayPal as a payment option for flights and other purchases on Pay with your credit card without retyping your financial information.
  3. Contact Us | Contact Customer Service | United Airlines
    Find contact information for United customer service including assistance with reservations, MileagePlus, baggage, refunds and more.
  4. Book a flight | Flight search | United Airlines
    Sign in to your MileagePlus® account to see better search results
  5. Award search | Flights | United Airlines
    Select adults, seniors and children Number of travelers: Select Travelers, enter to change

Web31 pages

  1. Change Passengers | United Airlines
    Please select your location or where you receive credit card billing statements to see pricing in your local currency.
  2. Flight Reservation FAQs | United Airlines
    View answers to frequently asked questions about booking flights on
  3. Managing Flight Reservations FAQs | United Airlines
    View answers to frequently asked questions about managing your flights reservations on
  4. Contract of Carriage Document | United Airlines
    Find the Contract of Carriage here or at any United ticketing facility and though United Customer Service.
  5. Aircraft seating FAQs | United Airlines
    Find answers to frequently asked questions about aircraft seating. Learn how to select cabin seating, change your seat and more at

Products & Services - Business Products26 pages

  1. Benefits for members of the U.S. military | United Airlines
    See all of the relevant benefits for Military and Government employees here. Stay up to date on special benefits and policies.
  2. Entertainment Travel | Sports Travel | United Airlines
    Book entertainment and sports industry travel using United's special travel discounts and services for producers of television, movie or sports events
  3. Group Travel & Meetings | United Airlines
    Take advantage of United’s group travel programs, including discounts on group airline tickets, and assistance in coordinating group travel.
  4. Corporate Travel Expense Management | United Airlines
    Our corporate travel expense management products are designed to simplify your company's reconciliation process. Choose the one that works best for you.
  5. Products and Services | United Airlines
    Find a list of United's products and services including United Travel Options, business products and more.

Travel Information - Baggage Information9 pages

  1. Carry-on Baggage | Carry-on Bag Policy | United Airlines
    Find carry-on baggage policy information, including size and weight requirements, liquid and gel restrictions and other guidelines for United travel.
  2. Baggage FAQs |Baggage Service Charge FAQs | United Airlines
    Find answers to your baggage FAQs, including questions about baggage service charges, checked baggage, carry-on baggage and more.
  3. Find Your Cabin Upgrade Receipt Number | United Airlines
    View this sample image to find where your cabin upgrade receipt number can be located on your actual cabin receipt.
  4. Find Your Ticket Number | United Airlines
    Find your ticket number on your ticket receipt.
  5. Find Your Baggage Document Number | United Airlines
    View this sample image to find where your baggage document number can be located in your actual baggage document receipt.

Travel9 pages

  1. United Travel Options bundles | United Airlines
    Explore United’s Economy Plus flight travel bundles and save up to 25% of the cost of individual options. All bundles include an extra checked bag and more legroom.
  2. United Signature Service | United Airlines
    United Signature Service, provided by Global Airport Concierge, offers you an elevated level of assistance during your time at the airport.
  3. United Premium Cabin | Reserve a Premium Cabin Today | United Airlines
    Reserve your seat in a premium cabin on a United flight. Ensure you get an upgraded seat by reserving your upgrade before you travel.
  4. Checked Baggage | United Airlines
    Use our baggage calculator to determine first and second checked baggage service charges for your itinerary.
  5. Changed Bag Rules and Optional Services | United Airlines
    See a list of United's optional services and review changes in bag rules.

About United3 pages

  1. Important Travel Notices | United Airlines
    View our important travel updates and notices, including weather-related policies. Information is updated as it is received.
  2. United Express Partners | United Airlines
    Our United Express partners operate flights throughout the U.S. and Canada. View a list of United Express partner airlines.
  3. Eat For Good Program | United Airlines
    Get involved with our Eat for Good program, where United donates a portion of proceeds from our Choice Menu item sales to select nonprofit organizations.

MileagePlus43 pages

  1. Star Alliance awards
    The Star Alliance network allows you to open up travel possibilities with award miles. More than 1,000 destinations worldwide are available for travel.
  2. Use Miles for Flights & Upgrades | United Airlines
    Use your miles for flights and upgrades, buy miles, use your miles to book award travel, upgrade to premium cabins and more.
  3. MileagePlus Air Awards | United Airlines
    All MileagePlus air awards are not created equal. Choose the award type and class of service you want when you want. Learn more.
  4. MileagePlus Premier Award Travel Benefits | United Airlines
    Take advantage of travel benefits when using miles for upgrades and award travel. MileagePlus Premier members enjoy better award access and more.
  5. Use Miles for Travel, Upgrades and More | United Airlines
    You can now use your United MileagePlus award miles to pay for purchases at select restaurants and bars in the Newark (EWR) airport.

Products & Services - Gift Registry1 pages

  1. Travel Bank Cash Gift Registry | United Airlines
    A Travel Bank Cash Gift Registry makes it easy to give or receive cash for travel. Celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or any special occasion.

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