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United Economy dining

United Economy® dining features a variety of options based on the length and location of your flight. Selections range from Choice Menu snacks available for purchase to complimentary multi-course meals designed in consultation with our team of chefs. Soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary worldwide.

Choice Menu
Routes Complimentary meal service Complimentary beer and house wines Snack shop Bistro on board
Within North America and the Caribbean1, 2     Yes Yes
Between the U.S., Central America and Mexico1, 2     Yes Yes
Between the U.S. and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela Yes Yes    
Between the U.S. and Argentina, Brazil and Chile3 Yes Yes Yes  
Between the U.S. and Africa, Europe, India, Israel and the Middle East3 Yes Yes Yes  
Between the U.S. and Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan3 Yes Yes Yes  
Intra-Pacific4, including Micronesia Yes Yes    
Between Guam and Honolulu1, 2     Yes Yes

1Choice Menu Snack Shop offers snacks and snackboxes for purchase throughout the day in United Economy on most United mainline and United Express flights over 800 miles. Choice Menu Bistro on Board offers freshly prepared meals available for purchase in United Economy on most United mainline flights over 1,200 miles departing before 8 p.m.

2United offers a complimentary snack on flights within North America, between the U.S. and Central America, and between Honolulu and Guam.

3Choice Menu Snack Shop offers snacks and snackboxes for purchase throughout the flight.

4Beer and house wines are complimentary between Singapore and Hong Kong or Tokyo/Narita.

Complimentary meal service

On flights between the United States and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, and intra-Pacific flights including Micronesia:

Enjoy complimentary snacks or meals. Please see the inflight amenities section on or the United app to see which service is scheduled on your flight.

On long-haul flights between the U.S. and Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Taiwan:

Our team of chefs have designed a three-course meal service for most flights. On flights where the main meal is lunch or dinner, the meal service includes a light snack offered with the initial beverage service, a generous meal served with salad, artisan bread, and a premium dessert.

Along with the complimentary meal, we are pleased to offer complimentary beer and house wines, and also a bottle of water. Spirits are available for purchase.

Sample menu

Snack with your choice of beverage

During the initial beverage service we'll offer a snack, which may include cheese and crackers, baked whole-grain bruschetta chips, Kiri® cheese spread with crackers, or Asian-style snack mix, depending on the flight.

Main course

The following are sample main course options that may be offered on a flight where lunch or dinner is the main meal:

  • Home-style turkey meatloaf in spicy barbecue sauce, served with sweet potato mash, mixed vegetables, an artisan ciabatta roll and amaranth mango salad
  • Baked rigatoni parmigiano, served with a petite multi-grain baguette and apple wheatberry grain salad
  • Pan-roasted chicken breast with herbs and porcini cream, Carolina grits and spinach, served with artisan whole-grain ciabatta roll and cranberry pumpkin quinoa salad

Premium dessert
Our premium dessert selection may include gelato, sorbet, ice cream, mousse or a regional specialty.

Mid-flight snacks
After your main meal, enjoy packaged snacks and snackboxes for purchase. Our Choice Menu Snack Shop will be available for the rest of the flight. In addition, flights between the U.S. and China, India and Taiwan offer a limited selection of complimentary snacks.

Pre-arrival offering
Depending on the flight, we will offer either a complimentary snack or meal prior to landing.