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Inflight power

To determine if your upcoming flight offers power outlets, search for your flight on the Flight Status and Information page, then check the Inflight Amenities tab for power outlet availability.

Power availability for domestic fleet
Domestic fleet 110V power availability
EMB175 Premium seating only
A319 Exit row forward (installation in progress)
A320 Exit row forward (installation in progress)
737-700 Exit row forward (installation in progress)
737-800 Exit row forward
737-900/737-900ER All seats or exit row forward
(depending on aircraft)
757-200 p.s. All seats
757-300 Exit row forward
777-200 All seats
Power availability for international fleet
International fleet 110V power availability
747-400 All seats
757-200 All seats
767-300 2-cabin All seats
767-300 3-cabin Premium seating only
767-400 All seats
777-200 2-cabin All seats
777-200 3-cabin All seats
787-8 All seats
787-9 All seats