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DOT decision on Feb. 11 exchange rate error

On February 11, 2015, a currency exchange-rate error in 3rd party software supplied to United affected several thousand bookings on United's Denmark-facing website. Specifically, this error temporarily caused flights originating in the United Kingdom and denominated in Danish Kroners (DKK) to be presented at only a fraction of their intended prices. While United filed fares correctly, this software error caused amounts charged to be significantly lower than prices offered through all other distribution channels or available in any other currency.

United promptly voided transactions affected by this exchange rate error, reversed all associated charges and contacted customers directly through email and other methods. Customers should not have any resulting charges related to voided reservations nor should they need to take any proactive steps to seek a refund of charges.

The Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has informed United that it does not intend to pursue enforcement action in this matter. With the agreement of the DOT, this statement replaces the requirement to provide individual responses to those interested in this issue who have corresponded with the DOT or with United.