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Expedited airport processing programs

United customers may take advantage of several U.S. government programs that could help them to move through the airport more quickly.

Global EntryTM

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers the Global Entry program in order to expedite the processing of pre-approved, low-risk international travelers entering the United States. Learn more

Eligible MileagePlus members who requested a Global Entry payment code prior to February 1, 2015, can use this code as the form of payment for the $100 Global Entry application fee during the application process for new applications until six months after the payment code was issued.* Learn more

Automated Passport Control (APC)

APC is a CBP program that expedites the entry process for U.S. and Canadian passport holders, U.S. residents, and eligible Visa Waiver Program nationals by allowing eligible travelers to scan their passports, submit their Customs declaration forms and verify their identities at a self-service kiosk. APC is a free service and does not require pre-registration or membership. Additional information about the program and locations can be found at the CBP website.

TSA pre-screening program

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operates and manages an expedited security screening program for passengers traveling within the U.S. or on select international travel itineraries. United works with the TSA to provide this option to our customers.

How do I participate?

To apply for this program, you must be a U.S. citizen, or a Canadian citizen who is a member of NEXUS, and in order to submit your TSA pre-screening application through united.com, you must be a MileagePlus member. U.S. citizens currently enrolled in Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI Trusted Traveler programs, and Canadian citizens currently enrolled in NEXUS, can participate by providing their CBP-assigned PASS ID number (located in their GOES account online or in the top left-hand corner of their membership card) in the “Known Traveler Number” field when booking travel reservations. CBP Trusted Traveler participants can also add their PASS ID number to their MileagePlus profile in the Known Traveler Number field to have their number automatically sent to the TSA when booking reservations. You are not required to have one of these numbers in order to participate.

To apply to participate, select the button below. You will be required to sign in to your MileagePlus account.

Opt in or opt out of TSA pre-screening

If you are not at MileagePlus member, enroll now.

Please note that the TSA will determine eligibility for inclusion in the program on a per-flight-segment basis, and signing up, or even being selected for one flight, does not guarantee that you would receive expedited screening during future travel.


The CBP OneStop program allows arriving international travelers who only have carry-on baggage to be processed through separate CBP lanes in passport control. Travelers will have their primary and exit control inspections in one location, expediting the entry process.

OneStop is currently available at Chicago O’Hare and Houston Intercontinental. There is no membership or registration required to participate in OneStop. Eligible travelers should follow signage to the designated lanes.

*As of February 1, 2015, MileagePlus no longer provides eligible Global ServicesSM, Premier® 1K® and Premier Platinum members with a payment code which can be used as the form of payment for the $100 Global Entry application fee.