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United Charters FAQs

Which aircraft do you offer for charter services?

Charter services are offered on most of the United fleet, subject to availability. Due to contractual restrictions, we're unable to offer charters on aircraft smaller than 50 seats or on any turboprop aircraft.

Can you only fly charters to airports served by United?

No. Subject to government approval, Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and internal operations review, United Charters can fly you to most airports in the United States or abroad. Please note that as a U.S. flag carrier, United is not permitted to fly to non-Part 139 airports.

Do I really get to choose the schedule?

The choice on when the flight departs is completely up to the charterer, subject to operating limitations and aircraft availability.

Do we need to fill the entire plane in order to charter it?

No, you're paying for the use of the aircraft, whether it's full or not. We do not sell individual charter seats.

What if we only have ten people in our group? Is a charter still the best option?

For groups this small, especially if there are budget concerns, you may want to explore the United Groups option.

Can our group originate from more than one city and connect to a charter flight?

Yes, that's an option. Please note that this option may require passengers to claim baggage from the connecting flight and re-check it for the charter flight. The price for connecting passengers on scheduled flights is not included in the charter quote.

Are we responsible for the fees for checked baggage or any other fees?

No, the charter price is all-inclusive. However, following the execution of a charter contract, changes to the charter schedule and cancellation of the charter are subject to change penalties and/or cancellation fees.

How soon in advance do I need to request a charter?

Typically six to eight months in advance allows all the planning to be completed for a charter. During certain times of the year, we do have close-in availability and can operate a charter with as little as 12 hours' notice. Contact United Charters for availability. United is unable to provide charter quotes for trips more than 360 days in advance.

Do you provide frequent flyer mileage for charter flights?

No, miles are not provided for charter flights.

Why do charters cost so much more than normal commercial flights?

Many variables impact the price of a charter, including seasonality, aircraft availability and the complexity of the operation. The ability to choose the aircraft type, schedule, origin and destination; to have private VIP operations; and to enjoy a customized inflight experience all drive incremental expense. Charter customers are often required to pay for the cost of returning an aircraft to its origin after the charter flight, which significantly increases the cost of operation. Group travel and commercial flights do not include this cost.