United Airlines

Rate Desk Pricing

United commitments

United’s Rate Desk is available to support agency partners attempting to price eligible complex international itineraries. The desk will rate most eligible PNRs within 48 hours.

Rates assistance within 24 hours of customer travel must be handled via the phone by calling United Reservations.

The Rate Desk will document the published price quote in the remarks field of the agency PNR.

United's Rate Desk hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday - Friday. The office is closed weekends and holidays.

Agency requirements

The United Rate Desk is available to assist with the following types of new itineraries:

  • Complex itineraries with at least 8 flights, where United is the first international carrier to Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, or Africa
  • Itineraries that transit or stop in 3 or more countries where a mileage based fare may apply and United is the first international segment
  • United and Star Alliance Round the World (RTW) Fares
  • Star Alliance Circle and AirPass Fares

The Rate Desk will also assist with modifications of existing PNRs in these categories if the PNR is plated on 016. Include in remarks the following information if needed to price the PNR; type of fare or fare basis code, ages of children traveling and sales/ticketing city if other than the location of the travel agency.

Designate in your GDS format all surface transportation as ARNK segments, and all open segments must show eligible carrier, class of service and city pair.

United must receive all rate requests at least 24 hours prior to ticket issuance. Please wait at least 48 hours before calling to inquire on the status of your request.

United must be the validating carrier.

All segments of the itinerary must be confirmed.

The ticket record must be stored for rate desk requests.

When offline travel is in conjunction with United international flights, including free MileagePlus® awards, please document the PNR with the UA record locator or flights numbers and dates for verification.

Queuing the PNR

Please use the following queues for all rate requests:


*Please include the currency code and departure date of the first flight. You can add up to 180 characters of free text after the asterisk. For additional information, please refer to “H/RQ” in Galileo.

The rated PNR will be queued back to you when completed.

Ineligible itineraries will be returned with the remark “DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR UA PRICING.”

Prior to contacting United, please attempt to price the itinerary in your GDS first. Questions regarding pricing format or GDS errors should be directed to your GDS help desk.

Rating Restrictions

No AD75 rates.

No domestic only rates. PNR must include United international space.

No frequent flyer awards are fared for other airlines. If a customer has a companion or upgrade from a frequent flyer program on another airline, the PNR should be sent to the other airline for a fare quote.

This queue is for faring full-published fares only. Fare quotes will not be given for contract fares, convention discounts or negotiated fares.

For MileagePlus® confirmed United First® upgrades we must have the certificate number and the award level. You must also advise what type of fare the ticket is to be based on.