united.com gift certificate sample

From: United Airlines, Inc. [mailto:UnitedAirlines@united.com]

Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 3:16 PM

To: Customer, Jane

Subject: united.com Gift Certificate from John Q. Customer

John Q. Customer sent you a 250.00 USD united.com Gift Certificate.

Please do not delete this message! You will need the united.com Gift Certificate Number below to redeem this united.com Gift Certificate towards the purchase of air travel on united.com.

From: Mr. John Q. Customer

To: Jane Customer

Amount: 250.00 USD

united.com Gift Certificate Number: A1256485947890000009 (You'll need this to redeem your united.com Gift Certificate)

Expires: December 20, 2003

Happy Birthday Jane.

How to Use Your united.com Gift Certificate

  1. Visit http://www.united.com.
  2. Begin a flight search from our home page.
  3. After you have selected the flights you want, provide your Gift Certificate number as you complete your purchase.


United Airlines, Inc.

Terms and conditions

  • - Redeemable only on united.com. Not valid for reservations ticketed via United airport ticket office or city ticket office.
  • - A minimum of 25.00 USD and a maximum of 10,000.00 USD
  • - Only forms of payment with billing addresses in the United States and its territories are eligible
  • - Certificates purchased Aug. 20, 2010 or later are valid for five years from the date the certificate is purchased. Certificates purchased prior to Aug. 20, 2010 are valid for one year from the date certificate was originally issued.
  • - If the full amount of the certificate is not used for a transaction, you can use the balance towards the purchase of another ticket within the original validity period
  • - The certificate will be null and void if its remaining value is less than 1.00 USD
  • - Only valid for air travel purchases, including ticket, taxes and surcharges
  • - Non-refundable
  • - Fully transferable until redeemed
  • - Not valid in conjunction with any other programs (example MileagePlus Award redemption)
  • - Valid with any fare types (e.g. united.com Specials, or eCertificate redemptions)
  • - Cannot be used in conjunction with an Electronic Travel Certificate
  • - Mileage accrual is allowed in conjunction with applicable fare rules for the ticket being purchased
  • - Ticket purchased is eligible for any MileagePlus united.com booking bonus applicable to the ticket at the time of purchase.
  • - Only one Gift Certificate may be used per transaction for the purchase of airline tickets.
  • - The Gift Certificate will be applied to the total price of the airline tickets in any one transaction.