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United Specials

We are currently selecting this week's United Specials.

Taxes and fees

+ Hotel rates are rounded to the nearest dollar, per night for one adult based on double occupancy, prepayment with a credit card, and check-in Saturday and check-out Monday. Rates shown are published weekly and are based on the average room rate for check-in Saturday and check-out Monday. Our real-time dynamic hotel engine is constantly updating prices and availability. Therefore, rates may change based on availability. If this happens, the rate listed on is the most current and will supersede the rates shown above. Reservations changed or cancelled within 24 hours of check-in will incur an additional charge of one night's room rate plus tax. All changes or cancellations prior to arrival are subject to a $25 processing fee. See hotel reservations frequently asked questions.

** Car rates are rounded to the nearest dollar, per day and valid for pick-up Saturday with returns Monday to the same location. Please note, prices may vary due to availability. Terms and conditions vary by Rental Company and will be displayed during the booking process.

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