International premium cabin dining

Fine dining in a relaxing atmosphere

Relax in our premium seating on your next long-haul international flight and experience a delicious multi-course meal.

Customers traveling in United Global First℠ and United BusinessFirst® on long-haul international flights will enjoy a fine dining experience. We feature menus designed by United's team of chefs using regional ingredients with a modern flair.

You'll begin your journey with our signature warmed nuts accompanied by premium spirits, regional beer or our award-winning Champagnes and wines.

United Global First

Customers seated in United Global First will enjoy a six-course meal. Menus feature warm appetizers, soup and salad, a choice of four entrees, a cheese course and our signature ice cream sundae.

United BusinessFirst

Customers seated in United BusinessFirst will enjoy a five-course meal. Menus feature a chilled appetizer, salad, a choice of four entrees, a cheese course and our signature ice cream sundae.

Regional specialties

In addition to our multi-course menus, we offer regional specialties on flights between the United States and China, India, Israel, Japan, the Middle East and Taiwan. See below for the regional specialties offered on flights to various destinations:

  • China: Traditional Chinese-style entrees and noodle soup
  • India: Indian cuisine featuring meat and vegetarian options
  • Israel: Glatt Kosher meals
  • Japan: Sushi appetizers and a multi-course selection of Japanese cuisine
  • Middle East: Halal-prepared entrees
  • Taiwan: Traditional Taiwanese-style entrees and noodle soup

Mid-flight snacks

We offer a variety of snacks on most long-haul daytime flights. Depending on the destination and length of haul, selections may include fresh fruit, packaged snacks, sandwiches, warm cookies baked on board or Asian-style noodle soup.

Prior to arrival

To complete your journey, we offer refreshing arrival services. Selections are based on arrival time and length of the flight. Arrival options may include chilled deli plates, breakfast or warm sandwiches.

Your printed menu will indicate available flexible dining options that allow you to customize your dining experience.

Wine list

United is pleased to offer a selection of wines from around the world. See our current wine selections