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Containers and protective bags


At many United Airlines airport ticket counters, we provide our ticketed customers with protective bags, free of charge, for their specialty items. Checked baggage fees may still apply for transportation of these items. Protective bag quantities are limited and not available at all locations.

Available protective bag options
Item Length Width Intended use
Car seat/stroller bag 35 in. 32 in. To protect infant articles
Ski bag 90 in. 16 in. To protect skis
Ski boot bag 20 in. 25 in. To protect ski boots

Other containers and locks

The following items are available for sale at most United Airlines airport ticket counters:

Other container and lock options
Item Length Width Height Cost (in USD)*
Checked article box 15 in. 15 in. 18 in. $15.00
Garment bag box 36 in. 21 in. 5 in. $15.00
Double rifle case 52 in. 11 in. 4 in. $85.00
Two pistol case 14 in. 9 in. 4 in. $85.00
Four pistol case 18 in. 14 in. 4 in. $85.00
Lock for gun case       $8.00
TSA-approved lock       $10.00

* Sales tax will apply.