Customers with food allergies

United is committed to the safety of its customers, including customers with major food allergies. United does not serve pre-packaged peanuts on our flights. However, we prepare and serve meals and snacks utilizing a variety of other ingredients including major food allergens.

Due to the presence of food allergens in the processing environment and in meals and snacks served, United cannot guarantee an allergen-free meal or environment on its flights. Further, it is not possible to prevent customers from bringing food items on board that contain major food allergens including peanuts. If you have a severe food allergy and are traveling on a flight please notify a flight attendant on board the aircraft that you request an allergy buffer zone so we can attempt to notify customers seated nearby to refrain from eating any allergen-containing products they may have brought on board. Please understand that we cannot prevent any customer from eating the products they have brought on board.

For operational reasons, we cannot remove any onboard products based on individual customer requests, and we do not guarantee allergen-free buffer zones on our aircraft. Since we cannot guarantee allergen-free flights and cannot prevent customers from consuming allergen-containing products, we encourage customers to review any health concerns with their physicians prior to flying.