Customer-provided ventilators, respirators and CPAP machines

You may carry and use portable electronic personal ventilators, respirators and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines on board our flights if a manufacturer's label or other documentation can confirm that the units meet FAA requirements.

We require a 48-hour minimum advance notification to our Accessibility Desk (1-800-228-2744) if you will be using a ventilator, respirator or CPAP machine on board your flight. The Accessibility Desk will make sure the device you are planning to use is on the list of current approved devices and also will provide guidance on the number of batteries you will need for your flight. When you book your flight, you can help by giving us information from the manufacturer ensuring that the device meets FAA regulations.

There may be some seating restrictions based on certain FAA safety rules.

Please note that in-seat electrical power is available on a limited number of aircraft, and that there is no guarantee the in-seat power will operate. Flights operated by United Express® will have no in-seat power. Therefore, you must have an ample supply of fully charged batteries, plus three hours of extra battery time for the flight. In case of electronic equipment failure or unforeseen delays, we recommend that you travel with manually operated backup supplies.

Ventilators, respirators and CPAP machines are considered assistive devices. They must be stowed and used in the passenger cabin consistent with applicable TSA, FAA and other regulations governing carry-on bags.