United-supplied wheelchair equipment

Airport wheelchairs

We have wheelchairs available for customers with disabilities to use at each of our airports. It’s best to request a wheelchair through your travel agent or the United Accessibility Desk before the day of travel, but advance arrangements are not required. Upon arrival at the airport, notify a United representative or skycap (if skycap service is available at that airport) that you require a wheelchair for transportation to the departure gate. The usual width of these wheelchairs is 18 inches (45.7 cm). For your convenience, the following airports have assistance centers in their lobbies, which are located near:

  • LAX – Terminal 7, Door L2-10
  • ORD – Terminal 1, Door 1G
  • SFO – Terminal 3, Door 11

Aisle wheelchairs

We also offer aisle wheelchairs for transferring non-ambulatory customers to and from their seats on the aircraft.

Onboard wheelchairs

Every aircraft with more than 60 seats has an onboard wheelchair. These wheelchairs are specially designed to fit the aisle of our aircraft and may be used to access the lavatory. Our inflight personnel are trained in the use of this wheelchair and will assist you.

Accessible boarding

Some domestic and international airports may not have jet-bridges available. In these stations, a passenger assist lift (PAL), mechanical lift, ramp or a stair chair physically carried by airline personnel (in international locations only), may be used for boarding and deplaning.

Electric cart (e-cart) service

Various facilities throughout our system provide electric carts within the terminals for semi-ambulatory customers who need assistance with distance transportation.