PetSafe rates

In addition to the special care provided to animals when they travel as baggage or cargo, United's PetSafe® program offers a guaranteed, flight-specific service, based on the time of tender.

Overall rate guidelines

  • United's booking, handling and acceptance procedures apply.
  • Additional animal handling and kenneling fees may apply.
  • All PetSafe animal shipments must be prepaid.

For shipments within the U.S.

  • All rates are charged per piece based on the total weight of the animal and crate combined. Each crate is considered 1 piece. Please note that rates do not include applicable fees and surcharges.
  • Any fraction of a kg moves to next weight break (5.1 K = 5-25 KG weight break).

Contact the PetSafe Desk at 1-800-575-3335 or 1-832-235-1541 for additional information regarding rates.

For international shipments

Please contact your local specialized IPATA-regulated pet shipping agent for rate details. A list of IPATA members can be found at