At the airport on travel day

All United PetSafe reservations must be confirmed at least 5 days in advance.

Your pet must be fully checked in at the designated airport drop-off area no later than the minimum time before flight departure. To allow sufficient time to complete the check-in process, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the minimum time shown below. This helps to ensure your pet is boarded on their planned flight.

  • Flights within the continental U.S.: 2 hours
  • Flights from the U.S. to international locations: 3 hours
  • Flights originating outside the U.S. have local requirements that vary widely, so please contact United PetSafe for more information.

United PetSafe drop-off and pickup locations

For information about drop-off and pickup locations at an airport, please visit the United Cargo website and enter the airport code or city name.

If you have further questions, please contact United PetSafe at 1-800-575-3335.

Documents required at acceptance

When you drop off your pet, the accepting agent will assist you in the completion of a pre-acceptance checklist that you will sign to ensure compliance with all standards and policies for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Along with completing the checklist, you must present the following when dropping off your pet for travel with United PetSafe:

  • Health certificate signed and completed by licensed veterinarian
  • Two copies of the signed and completed Customer Acknowledgment Form
  • Two printed copies of the photo clearly showing your pet’s face (image should be no smaller than 3” x 3” and no larger than 4” x 6”)

If your pet is traveling internationally, you must present the following additional documents:

  • Completed IPATA Departure Checklist
  • Any additional required documents for travel/entry to the destination (as specified on your IPATA Departure Checklist and confirmed by your IPATA shipper)

For your pet’s safety, acceptance for travel is always subject to final review, inspection and approval by United PetSafe when you drop off your pet at the airport on travel day.

Required labeling

United PetSafe acceptance locations will have the required labels available to adhere to the crate when you drop off your pet. Label the top of your pet's crate with your pet's name as well as the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those who will be dropping off and picking up your pet. Federal regulations require that each crate is labeled to safeguard your pet. The labels include:

  • The words "LIVE ANIMAL" adhered to the top and at least one side of the crate in 1-inch (2.5-cm) letters.
  • Orientation labels that indicate the top of the crate with arrows or "This End Up" markings adhered to at least two sides of the crate.
  • A copy of your pet’s photo will also be included with the documentation traveling with the crate

Personal identification documents

Persons dropping off or picking up pets are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID.