Preferred seating

  • A preferred seat purchase or selection reserves a seat within the preferred seating area. Specific seat assignments are not guaranteed.
  • Any customer-requested changes to any portion of an itinerary will result in the loss of preferred seats for the modified segments. Preferred seating may be purchased or selected again, if available, for the revised portions of the itinerary.
  • Preferred seating is subject to availability. A preferred seating purchase or request is processed based on seat availability at the time of purchase or request.
  • Valid for travel on United and United Express® only. Star AllianceTM or marketed codeshare flights do not provide preferred seating.
  • MileagePlus members can earn Premier® qualifying dollars (PQD) on preferred seating one-time purchases upon completion of travel. PQD from preferred seating one-time purchases are credited to the member who travels in preferred seating.
  • Refunds for preferred seating purchases are processed automatically after scheduled departure in the event of flight cancellation change, when travel is completed in a standard United Economy seat, or when travel is completed in a seat of equal or greater value through the purchase of a premium cabin seating offer.
  • Customers who are eligible to receive a refund for a preferred seating purchase and have not received the refund within two billing cycles of their scheduled flight departure can submit a request through using the refund request form or by mail.
  • Complimentary access is excluded when traveling on Basic Economy tickets. Customers who are traveling on Basic Economy tickets are eligible to purchase preferred seating.
  • Offer subject to change without notice.