Preserve your fare and your peace of mind.

FareLock℠ lets you hold your reserved fare and complete the purchase of your itinerary at a later time. Enjoy peace of mind that the price of your itinerary won't go up and that the flight won't sell out while you take your time with your purchase. Available only through united.com, the United app and the Customer Contact Center, FareLock allows you to reserve an itinerary and then complete your purchase later.

Itineraries can be held with FareLock for your choice of either three, seven or 14 days. The price of your itinerary is guaranteed during the hold period, until you decide to complete your purchase.

Using FareLock is easy.

If you're booking on united.com, look for the FareLock logo next to fares when you choose flights. After selecting flights, you can buy FareLock, if available, in the Purchase Options section on the Review Trip Itinerary page. If you're booking on the United app, look for the FareLock option after you choose your flights.

To purchase an itinerary that's being held with FareLock, go to Manage Reservations on united.com before the hold expires. You may also choose the auto-purchase option, which will automatically complete your purchase at the end of the FareLock hold period. If you decide to cancel your saved itinerary, you may do so at any time before the FareLock hold expires.

An email reminder will be sent 24 hours before your FareLock hold ends.

    • FareLock is available for reservations booked through united.com, the United app or the United Customer Contact Center. FareLock is available on flights operated by United and United Express® only, and the charge is per reservation.
    • FareLock service charges are nonrefundable and are not applied toward the price of the ticket.
    • Customers can hold a reserved fare with FareLock and then complete the transaction on united.com or with the United Customer Contact Center at any time prior to the end of the FareLock hold period. Reservations that are not ticketed before the FareLock expiration will be canceled, unless the automatic purchase option has been selected.
    • FareLock is subject to availability.
    • Reservations that are held with FareLock and subsequently ticketed may be changed or refunded in accordance with United's 24-hour flexible booking policy
  • What is the benefit of the FareLock service?

    FareLock allows you to hold your itinerary and price for either three, seven or 14 days for a service charge. This allows time to finalize your travel plans without worrying about flights selling out or the price of your ticket increasing.

    Is FareLock available for award reservations using miles?

    Yes. FareLock is offered for both Saver and Everyday Award tickets on United- and United Express-operated flights.

    Is FareLock offered on every flight?

    FareLock is available on select flights operated by United and United Express (Star Alliance® flights and marketed codeshare flights are not eligible).

    How can I hold an itinerary using FareLock?

    When booking a flight online, you can purchase FareLock, if available, in the Purchase Options section on the Traveler Information page after you've selected flights. When booking a flight through the United app, you can purchase FareLock, if available, after choosing your flights.

    How can I change my flights after purchasing the FareLock service?

    FareLock reservations cannot be changed until after you have purchased the reservation. You may cancel your FareLock hold and choose new flights if your plans change, but you'll need to re-purchase FareLock for the new itinerary. Please note that FareLock may not be offered on your new itinerary. If you have already purchased the ticket, please visit Manage Reservations to change your flight. Normal change fees and fare differences may apply.

    What happens if I do not purchase my ticket before my FareLock hold period expires?

    If you do not purchase your ticket before your FareLock period expires, your reservation will be canceled unless you have selected the automatic purchase option. If you'd still like to travel, simply return to united.com or the United app to create a new reservation.

    What is the automatic purchase option?

    Customers may choose to have their reservations automatically purchased at the end of the FareLock hold period. If this option is selected, our system will automatically process your ticket purchase with the same credit card used to pay the FareLock service charge. You may choose this service when making your FareLock reservation. If your plans change after the automated purchase, you have an additional 24 hours from the time of ticketing to receive a full ticket refund, based on our 24-hour flexible booking policy.

    What do I do if I no longer want my FareLock reservation?

    If your plans change, and you wish to cancel your reservation before the end of the FareLock period, visit Manage Reservations on united.com or the Reservations section of the United app, enter your confirmation number and last name, and select "Cancel options" or "Cancel flight." Please note, the FareLock service charge is nonrefundable.​​​

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