Travel for official U.S. military and federal government business

Federal government YCA, -CA and DG fare policy

United Airlines strictly enforces rules regarding the correct form of payment for federal government contract YCA, -CA and DG fares. We will only accept authorized, U.S. government-issued Visa and MasterCard accounts as payment, and only employees of the federal government traveling on official business are eligible for these fares. Government contractors of any kind do not qualify for federal government fares.

Travel agents should ensure that proper government ID is presented and the appropriate U.S. government-issued Visa or MasterCard is used when booking government contract or DG fares. Improper issuance of these fares will result in a non-waivable debit memo for the difference of the contract or DG fare and the applicable unrestricted airfare. Non-waivable debit memos cannot be paid using federal government-authorized credit cards.