United Meetings

United Meetings gets your attendees there for less

Bringing people together can be a lot of effort. Whether you are planning a meeting, a conference or a training class, United Meetings handles the work of getting your attendees to your event with discounted airfare. Plus, your organization can earn reward credits redeemable for a menu of travel rewards, including roundtrip travel certificates and upgrades. Online registration makes it simpler than ever to send us the details of your meeting.

Meetings rewards are provided monthly, so you can redeem and enjoy credits fast. All it takes is at least 40 attendees using the assigned meeting discount code — then your productivity credits are distributed and ready to use the following month. It’s that easy.

Discounts for meeting attendees and more

Your attendees can experience United's award-winning service at a discounted fare. If you have 20 or more people traveling to your event's location from two or more originating points, that's a meeting. Meeting travel on United is affordable, with your choice of:

  • Global zone fares
  • Discounts on published fares