Avianca and Avianca in Brazil

On July 22, 2015, Avianca in Brazil became a member of Star Alliance, and MileagePlus members can now earn miles on travel with both Avianca and Avianca in Brazil. The number of award miles, Premier® qualifying miles and Premier qualifying segments earned on eligible fare classes are different on Avianca-operated flights and Avianca in Brazil-operated flights. Please verify the operating airline of your flight to review the correct mileage accrual information.


Avianca serves more than 100 destinations in 25 countries in North America, Central America, South America and Europe. Avianca offers flights to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil from Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru. Avianca also flies to Porto Alegre, Brazil, from Lima, Peru.

The unique two-letter airline code for Avianca is "AV." You may see this code in front of flight numbers for Avianca flights (e.g., "flight AV1234").

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Avianca in Brazil

Avianca in Brazil, formerly Oceanair Linhas Aereas, serves more than 20 destinations in Brazil. Avianca in Brazil offers flights to Bogota, Colombia, from Fortaleza, Brazil.

The airline code for Avianca in Brazil is "O6." You may see this code in front of flight numbers for Avianca in Brazil flights (e.g., "flight O61234").

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