MileagePlus X frequently asked questions

  • MileagePlus X is a mobile app that allows members to earn award miles when shopping or dining at participating merchants. Members select a merchant, enter a dollar amount and are issued a gift card. A barcode/gift card number and PIN are displayed in the app and can be used for a current or future purchase. These gift cards can be used like a traditional debit card until the balance is depleted. Either way, the gift card is used as the form of payment instead of a credit card.

  • Yes. In the payment screen, click ‘Tap to select’ and choose ‘Use award miles’ as your form of payment.

  • All merchants should be aware of the MileagePlus X mobile app. If not, please let us know by clicking on the menu and selecting About MileagePlus X > Feedback/Support request. Please include the store number or location in your comments so we can contact the merchant directly. We typically respond to most feedback and questions within 7-10 business days.

  • You can write down the gift card number and PIN (if applicable), and inform the merchant that you are using a gift card as a form of payment.

  • In most cases, miles will appear immediately after you purchase the gift card through the app. However, at certain merchants your miles will appear after you use the gift card for your purchase.

  • You can go to the menu in the MileagePlus X app and select My account > Transaction history to view all MileagePlus X award miles earned to date.

  • As a general rule, gift cards are nonrefundable. Any returns, credits or exchanges of the products or services that are purchased using a gift card from MileagePlus X will be governed by the applicable merchant's policies, terms and conditions. You can go to the menu in the MileagePlus X app and select About MileagePlus X > Gift card notice for more information.

  • No. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash or for purchase of merchant's gift cards.

  • Go to the menu in the MileagePlus X app and select My account > Credit cards > Add a new credit card.

  • MileagePlus X purchases will be displayed as 'MPX*(Merchant Name)' with the applicable transaction amount.

  • Go to the MileagePlus sign-in screen on and click the "Forgot password" link.

  • Primary cardmembers of a United MileagePlus® Credit Card from Chase will receive bonus miles in connection with each MileagePlus X transaction equal to 25% multiplied by the miles otherwise awarded by MileagePlus in connection with transactions made through MileagePlus X. Fractions of miles will not be awarded in connection with the cardmember bonus, and the number of miles awarded will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Not available for authorized users.

  • Yes. Enter the gift card number and PIN (if applicable) as your form of payment on the online checkout page.

  • The cashier can manually enter the gift card number and PIN (if applicable).

  • Each merchant has its own policies on the minimum and maximum dollar amount allowed in each purchase through MileagePlus X.

  • Each merchant has its own time frame for retrieving payment from a gift card, so your Purchases section may not reflect its updated balance immediately after you make a purchase. To remove gift cards that you have already used, click on the store or amount and select ‘Mark redeemed’. You can always check the balance on the merchant’s website if you’re not sure if you have used the entire amount.

  • Please go to the menu in the app and select About MileagePlus X > Feedback/ Support request to send feedback on what didn’t work.

  • Use your MileagePlus credit card on purchases in the MileagePlus X app to earn miles in three ways:

    1. Your standard mileage bonus for using your MileagePlus credit card
    2. Up to 5 miles per dollar spent for paying with MileagePlus X, depending on the merchant
    3. The 25% award mile bonus for Chase MileagePlus primary cardmembers
  • You can use MileagePlus X, MileagePlus Shopping and your MileagePlus credit card to earn even more miles:

    1. Find a merchant that has offers on both MileagePlus X and MileagePlus Shopping.
    2. Use your MileagePlus credit card to buy a gift card for that merchant in MileagePlus X.
    3. Make a purchase from the merchant in MileagePlus Shopping using the gift card you bought in MileagePlus X

    Chase Bank USA, N.A., is not responsible for the provision of or the failure to provide the promotional offers. Miles will post directly to your United MileagePlus account and will not appear on your Chase statement.


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