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Please note: Chat agents are available 24 hours a day, every day.


Within the U.S. and Canada

7:00 a.m.–midnight (CT), daily

1-800-421-4655 (toll-free)

1-713-952-1630 (charges may apply)

  • MileagePlus automated phone system menu

    United offers an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) phone system, giving you a choice between speech recognition and touch-tone options. To navigate the MileagePlus phone menu via touch-tone, please see the list of options and corresponding commands below:

    MileagePlus automated phone system menu
    Balance and transactionsPress 1
    Request mileage creditPress 2
    ReservationsPress 3
    UpgradesPress 4
    My accountPress 5
    My account – BalancePress 5, then 1
    My account – Change PINPress 5, then 2
    My account – Log-in assistancePress 5, then 3
    My account – Account changesPress 5, then 4
    My account – Other account questionsPress 5, then 5
    Other optionsPress 6
    Program infoPress 6, then 1
    Change PINPress 6, then 2
    PromotionsPress 6, then 3
    MileagePlus Explorer CardPress 6, then 4
    MileagePlus programPress 6, then 1, then 1 again
    Premier® programPress 6, then 1, then 2
    AwardsPress 6, then 1, then 3
    How to enrollPress 6, then 1, then 4
    PartnersPress 6, then 1, then 5

    Please note: While touch-tone menus are not available on all United calls, we will always allow the touch-tone option for entering your personal information, including account or credit card numbers. For example, if you are being asked for MileagePlus account number ABC12345, you can use your telephone keypad to enter the corresponding numerical digits: 22212345.

Outside the U.S. and Canada

Contact your local United Customer Contact Center.