Taking our fleet to new heights

We’re excited to make the United fleet bigger and better than ever with 270 new Boeing and Airbus aircraft that will transform your travel experience with United. As we continue to lead and innovate the airline industry, our new aircraft will give you more of what you want on board, including state-of-the-art inflight entertainment, more premium cabin seats and a better, more comfortable experience no matter where you're flying from.

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Our new and improved fleet

We’re adding 200 Boeing 737 MAX and 70 Airbus 321neo aircraft to our fleet — the largest combined order in our history — and we’re not stopping there. We’re also upgrading 100% of our existing mainline, narrow-body aircraft by 2025, so you can enjoy a modernized experience across our domestic network.

Premium cabin seats

Elevating your experience

Our new 737 MAX and A321neo aircraft will make our fleet bigger, better and more comfortable for everyone. You’ll enjoy our signature interior with stylish upgrades, in-seat power at every seat, more premium cabin and Economy Plus® seats than ever before and enough space for everyone’s carry-on bags.

seatback entertainment

Inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi

You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, podcasts and curated playlists with seatback entertainment in every seat and over 2,800 selections to choose from. Plus, you can easily connect your wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology. Still can’t find something to watch? Just purchase Wi-Fi on board to stream videos from your favorite online services.*

See our impact

Transforming our fleet from top to bottom means there’ll be even more benefits for you, the environment and the economy.

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Expanding our premium cabin

We expect to have more premium cabin seats per departure than any other airline in North America by 2026, which means you could have a better chance of getting an upgrade

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Lowering our carbon emissions per seat

It’s out with the old aircraft and in with the new, helping us lower our carbon emissions by an expected 17-20% per seat compared to our older planes.

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Creating new jobs

By adding these new aircraft to our fleet, United has the potential to create as many as 25,000 well-paying, unionized jobs.

Fleet facts

  • By late 2021, we expect 100% of our departures from New York/Newark to be on board dual-class aircraft.
  • When combined with our current orders, United expects to add more than 500 new narrow-body aircraft: 40 in 2022, 138 in 2023 and as many as 350 in 2024 and beyond. That means in 2023 alone, our fleet could add about one new narrow-body aircraft every three days.
  • Replacing our older, smaller mainline jets and at least 200 of our regional jets with the new 737 MAX and A321neo aircraft will lead to an expected 11% overall improvement in fuel efficiency.

Visit our Fleet Information page to learn more about the other aircraft in our fleet.

*Bluetooth is only available on our new 737 MAX and A321neo aircraft, and streaming services are only available on aircraft with the industry’s fastest Wi-Fi.